Redesigned Changelog

19 April 13

Posted at 12:34


Digital Photo Gallery is under constant development. The changelog has just been redesigned so it's now easier to keep up with the very latest system updates. You can visit the new changelog at or follow @dpg_changelog on Twitter.


Enhanced Image Selection

06 December 11

Posted at 11:13

It is now even easier to make image selections in By using a combination of mouse and keyboard modifiers you can speed up the process of managing your images. Holding down the alt key allows you to click anywhere on an image icon to select it, while the shift key allows for quick batch selections.


FTP Uploads

15 April 11

Posted at 12:16

FTP users

If you regularly upload large sets of images or if you'd like to upload without having to log in, this feature is for you.

The new FTP users panel on the upload screen allows you to create an unlimited amount of virtual FTP users, each of which can be mapped to a set within DPG. Images can then be uploaded using your favourite FTP client, preserving metadata and set structure.



Introducing templates

06 January 11

Posted at 3:54

Every Digital Photo Gallery account has access to an ever growing library of HTML5-based website templates, all of which look amazing when viewed on anything from iPads through to huge desktop displays. The graphical admin interface means you don't need to know any code to design and update a site, but if you already have the skills, you have full control of the style sheets and custom jQuery libraries that each site is built with.

Watch the video to see just how easy it is to create a new website and see below for samples of a few of the templates that are available to all users right now.


DPG powered sites #3

14 December 10

Posted at 4:49


Chrome Web Store

10 December 10

Posted at 6:01

Chrome Web Store

Digital Photo Gallery is now listed in the Chrome Web Store.


DPG powered sites #2

15 August 10

Posted at 4:49


Improved image integration for blogs

13 July 10

Posted at 3:19

Blog images

If you regularly add images to a DPG powered blog, you're sure to appreciate the improved image posting features. Click on the 'Insert/edit image' icon when editing a blog post to access the new options.


URL shortener

10 May 10

Posted at 2:04

I've written a new URL shortener that ties in with many of DPG's services. You can shorten your own URLs by visiting


File export: PDF contact sheets and more

27 April 10

Posted at 11:15

With the new export feature you can easily generate PDF contact sheets for printing and client approval. You can also produce text, CSV and MD5 files to cross-reference and verify file uploads.