Increased image processing speed

19 May 09

Posted at 7:43

Admin review

Today I activated the new faster image processing servers, my early tests show that you should see around a 4X speed increase in all image related operations. Click here for an example of working with a 24.4MP image.


Twitter, Facebook, FTP and Flickr support

13 May 09

Posted at 1:04

Twitter connect

Integration with other web services is a prominent feature of Digital Photo Gallery, editing images with Pixlr has been discussed briefly in a previous post and now the latest stable update has introduced two way syncing support for your Twitter, Facebook, FTP and Flickr accounts. To make use of the new features login to and take a look at the 'Services' page. Linking your accounts only takes a few clicks and the import and export of images is equally as straight forward, if you have any questions just ask.

On the subject of services, DPG development will very soon be entering a feature freeze as a build up to the next phase of testing. Before that process begins, I'd really appreciate your feedback on which other web services you'd like to see supported. If you have suggestions you can email them to or 'Share an idea' at