Improved image integration for blogs

13 July 10

Posted at 3:19

Blog images

If you regularly add images to a DPG powered blog, you're sure to appreciate the improved image posting features. Click on the 'Insert/edit image' icon when editing a blog post to access the new options.


URL shortener

10 May 10

Posted at 2:04

I've written a new URL shortener that ties in with many of DPG's services. You can shorten your own URLs by visiting


File export: PDF contact sheets and more

27 April 10

Posted at 11:15

With the new export feature you can easily generate PDF contact sheets for printing and client approval. You can also produce text, CSV and MD5 files to cross-reference and verify file uploads.


iPad support

03 April 10

Posted at 3:00

In preparation for today's iPad launch I've spent some time optimising the DPG admin interface for use on Apple mobile devices.


Carry your image library everywhere

03 April 10

Posted at 4:29

I've added a new feature to make it even easier to access your full resolution image library, no matter where you are.



Next steps

01 March 10

Posted at 11:43

If you've been keeping up with the changelog, you will have seen many months of almost daily updates to the admin sections of Digital Photo Gallery. From today, the focus is switching to building amazing sites and templates, while making the site building process as fast and intuitive as it can be.

I will be working my way through the registration list and sending out invitation codes shortly. If you have signed up, please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I will be posting a series of tutorial movies to this blog so you can get started as soon as you receive your invitation.


Introduction video

17 February 10

Posted at 9:55

A short movie highlighting some of the main features of Digital Photo Gallery.