Emoji support 💥✨🔥

21 February 19

We love Emoji, so we've added emoji support across the entire DPG admin system.

You can now include Emoji anywhere that you enter text. This means that you can use Emoji for keywords and set names, site navigation, about text and anything else you can think of. 🙌💃🎉


Improved Design Section

29 March 18

There are a number of updates to the design section to make it easier than ever to customise your website's theme and give you more control over the layout and presentation of your content.

We rebuilt the font management system, added a curated selection of modern webfonts and enabled slider controls for font weight and sizing.

Page controls have now been made visual, allowing you to preview settings like image size and spacing in real-time. 

Also in the page section, you can now select from a number of different gallery loading animations.

All our templates have been updated to support these new design features, create a new site or migrate your existing one to try them out.


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