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We're bringing blogging back.

11 September 19

Screenshot of a website showing the new Dedicated Blog template with a featured post

We’ve been hard at work on our Series 3 templates and are super excited to share a preview of the latest addition to the group. Dedicated Blog is a standalone template for all things blog.

It’s packed full of features to raise your blogging game including brand new index view, with six different layout designs to choose from and endless customisations.

Post templates offer a new way to format your images, videos and text to create stunning posts. Mix and match different elements such as full page-width images, columns, side-by-side images and pull quotes.

Featured posts, related posts and post navigation helps readers discover even more of your content.

Screenshot of a website showing the new Dedicated Blog template index view in Card layout
Screenshot of a website showing the new Dedicated Blog template in post view, with full width image post template
Screenshot of a website showing the new Dedicated Blog template in post view, with post navigation and comments

This template is currently in private user testing ahead of being released to all users later this autumn. Learn more about the beta test here or email us to join:

Join the beta test.



Emoji support 💥✨🔥

21 February 19

We love Emoji, so we've added emoji support across the entire DPG admin system.

You can now include Emoji anywhere that you enter text. This means that you can use Emoji for keywords and set names, site navigation, about text and anything else you can think of. 🙌💃🎉


Introducing the Versatile Splash template

14 August 18

If you’ve taken advantage of DPG’s features to create multiple websites, you may have several homes for different facets of your work. You may also have other web presences scattered across different services such as blogs, ecommerce or other social media profiles.

Our latest template helps you to bring these together with a beautiful splash page, the ideal starting point for visitors to discover what you’re all about. Check out our live demos here to see what you can do with it.

The Versatile Splash layout is sets-based and effortlessly adapts to the number of items you add to create the sections. So whether you’re a slashie or a multi-hyphenate, the Splash can be a gateway to all your talents (and there’s always room to grow).

The Versatile Splash template is created with the latest web technologies, scales across all modern devices and looks fantastic on mobile. It supports images, MP4 video and animated GIFs.

As this is a standalone template, it can be placed in front of any existing DPG site without the need for a rebuild. Follow our guide here to set one up for yourself. 

Versatile Splash is available to all users with paid accounts now.


Improved Design Section

29 March 18

There are a number of updates to the design section to make it easier than ever to customise your website's theme and give you more control over the layout and presentation of your content.

We rebuilt the font management system, added a curated selection of modern webfonts and enabled slider controls for font weight and sizing.

Page controls have now been made visual, allowing you to preview settings like image size and spacing in real-time. 

Also in the page section, you can now select from a number of different gallery loading animations.

All our templates have been updated to support these new design features, create a new site or migrate your existing one to try them out.


Moving to our latest templates

02 May 17

Every aspect of DPG has been optimised for all modern devices for a long time now. However, we know that some of our oldest users may still be using our first templates which don't offer all of the latest features.

If you've been with DPG from the start and are still using a template like Scaling 01 or Scaling 05, then now is a great time to create a new site and take advantage of the fully responsive new designs, new page types, inline video support and much more.

Sites built using our current templates are also easier than ever to customise using the new visual design tools, seen below.

DPG makes it quick and simple to migrate your current live site to a new design with zero downtime or disruption to your visitors. We've put together a guide to help you, right here.

If you’re using an old design, next time you have some free time, give it a try! And of course if you have any questions, you can always email us at and we'll be happy to help. 

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